Critical Mistakes to Avoid During Partner Visa Application

Thousands of partner visa applications are lodged every year, and each has a processing time of at least 15 months. It is proof that partner visa processing is thorough to ensure that only applicants who meet the requirements qualify. Therefore, you must do everything possible to reduce the chances of your application being rejected. It means learning from mistakes other people make during partner visa application.  Using an Unqualified Interpreter

All You Need To Know About The Australian Protection Visa

A protection visa allows you to live in Australia if you believe your life is under threat due to political, religious or gender in your home country. The Australian immigration department conducts a thorough investigation to ascertain that your life is under threat.  So, how do you seek a protection visa in Australia? Below is a short guide.   Eligibility  To qualify for a protection visa: You must meet the Australian government's health requirements for people applying for a visa.

Is An Immigration Lawyer Necessary For Visitor Visa Application?

With immigration laws becoming ever more stringent over the years, it has become more challenging to acquire a visitor visa as compared to years past. And while you have the option of filing in a visa application on your own, you may want to deliberate on hiring an immigration lawyer to facilitate the process. Some individuals may assume that hiring an immigration lawyer will be a waste of money, but take note that even when your visa application is denied, the money that you paid is non-refundable.