Is An Immigration Lawyer Necessary For Visitor Visa Application?

With immigration laws becoming ever more stringent over the years, it has become more challenging to acquire a visitor visa as compared to years past. And while you have the option of filing in a visa application on your own, you may want to deliberate on hiring an immigration lawyer to facilitate the process. Some individuals may assume that hiring an immigration lawyer will be a waste of money, but take note that even when your visa application is denied, the money that you paid is non-refundable. Thus, it is financially wise to consider investing in the services of an immigration attorney to enhance the chances of a successful application. Below are a few reasons why an immigration lawyer is necessary for visitor visa application.

An immigration lawyer will offer you expert insight

With all things immigration being the field of expertise for these types of lawyers, you can be assured that they will know everything that you should be aware of regarding the application process. With immigration laws changing as well as having complex clauses, it can be difficult for a layperson to navigate through this process if they do encounter a problem down the road. Having an immigration lawyer by your side not only ensures that you have all the supporting documents that you will need, but they will be able to tackle every step of the application process for you.

An immigration lawyer will ensure you meet all the deadlines

Although the visa application process may seem straightforward, some hurdles could crop up and subsequently delay the process. If the delays are significant, you could end up getting your visa much later than you anticipated, and this could negatively affect your travel plans. When you hire an immigration attorney, you can be guaranteed that all the required paperwork is filled in accurately and handed into the immigration office in good time. If the application lacks errors and you have met the relevant deadlines, there is a limited chance of experiencing delays with your application.

An immigration lawyer will help navigate a negative history

Irrespective of how confident you are about your visa application, there is a likelihood of rejection. Keep in mind that the immigration laws are in place to protect the citizens already residing in the country, which means your entire history could be in question. From previous overstayed visits to lack of permanent employment or even a criminal conviction, it is vital to have an immigration lawyer identify any possible reasons why your application could be rejected and advise you on how to overcome them. 

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